PS 234, Independence School, focuses on children working together in an interactive setting. Children are viewed as individuals with specific strengths, needs and learning styles. We are committed to meeting our children where they are, and extending their learning as far as we can. Our curriculum of interdisciplinary studies accommodates these differences so that all children can achieve their potential.

Studies at PS 234 are centered on core curricula in social studies and science. Through rich thematic units, students develop skills such as inquiry-based research, non-fiction reading and writing, oral communication and artistic expression. Enrichment programs in art, music, library and science often support the classroom thematic studies as well.

Our literacy program includes components such as read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, book clubs and writer’s workshop. All classrooms from Kindergarten-Fifth Grade use the TERC Investigations in Number, Data and Space as their core mathematics program. Through inquiries, activities and games, and the use of manipulative materials, children construct mathematical ideas, explain their thinking and practice skills.